Sacrament of Confirmation (Fall 2023)


Symbols of the Holy Spirit | Loyola Press Confirmation Program

(Confirmation class starting 7th grade in Fall 2022 and receiving Confirmation in Fall 2023)

Confirmation Program:

  • Confirmation Preparation in PREP is a one year process that begins in 7th grade & continues into the fall of 8th grade.

  • Our Confirmation Date will be determined during the Summer of 2023 and will be communicated as soon as we receive it.

  • In 7th grade our Catechists implement  the Archdiocesan framework as well as the following program to ensure our students’ readiness for the Sacrament.

    • During the 2022-23 school year, we will use the “Confirmed in the Spirit” program by Loyola Press. Other resources will include Decision Point by Dynamic Catholic  and the Chosen series from Ascension Press. 

      • Our curriculum focuses on evangelizing young people and accompanying them as they become disciples. The curriculum addresses three big questions, "Why believe in God?", "Why trust Jesus?" and "Why be a part of the Church?"

  • Candidates attend sessions during the school year covering the above material, or  they may attend Camp Caritas to cover this requirement via a summer camp experience.

  • Candidates select a Saint and confirmation name, and sponsor,  and perform various works of mercy throughout the year.

  • Candidates (and/or their families)  must hand in all necessary forms  to the Faith Formation Office by Spring of 2023

  • In the fall of 8th grade (including students who attended Camp Caritas in summer of 2022)

    • Candidates submit a Saint project  in September

    • Candidates share their Saint Research with the Parish after our Sunday Masses

    • Candidates hand in logs of their Works of Mercy (4)

    • Candidates meet for a review while awaiting their Confirmation Day

    • Candidates complete final Assessment 

Parent Meeting Slideshow from 1/11/23

Confirmation Requirements

Saint Project Instructions

Parent and Sponsor Letter Information

Selection and Role of Sponsor