First Penance / First Communion Program


    The Archdiocese requires that Sacraments be received in the parish in which the family is registered. Sacramental preparation is the joint effort of the Parents/Guardians, Parish, and Catechists. At present, we celebrate First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in Year 2.

    In addition to the above, preparation for these sacraments includes the following: 
    • Registration in STA parish or permission from your Pastor to receive the Sacrament/s at STA 
    • Receipt of a copy of the Child’s Baptismal Certificate 
    • Attendance scheduled Religious Education classes and Communion Retreat
    • Attendance at Weekly Mass is expected
    • Knowledge of all required prayers and understanding of the Eucharist Preparation Text 
    • Readiness to receive the Sacrament 
    • Parent/s’ attendance at the Parent Sacrament Meetings
    First Reconciliation Meeting is on 10/7/2021 @ 7pm
    Application & Fee information will be given out at our Communion Meeting on 2/24/22 @7pm

    • We will need parents  help in having the children MEMORIZE the following
      •  Act of Contrition
      •  Our Father
      •  Glory Be 
      •  Hail Mary
  • Click the link below to download the Parent Guide to First Reconciliation. It contains the following information:

    • Important steps in the spiritual formation of your child
    • Steps in Developing a Christian Conscience
    • An examination of conscience for children
    • Guide to First Penance