Sacrament of Confirmation (Fall 2022)


Symbols of the Holy Spirit | Loyola Press Confirmation Program

(Dates and timeframes are approximate and refer to the Confirmation class starting 7th grade in Fall 2021 and receiving Confirmation in Fall 2022)

Confirmation Program:

  • Confirmation Preparation in PREP is a one year process that begins in 7th grade & continues into the fall of 8th grade.

  • In 7th grade our Catechists implement  the Archdiocesan framework as well as the following program to ensure our students’ readiness for the Sacrament.

  • The “Purpose” Confirmation Program by Life Teen is used.

    • The Purpose curriculum focuses on evangelizing young people and accompanying them as they become disciples. The curriculum addresses three big questions, "Why believe in God?", "Why trust Jesus?" and "Why be a part of the Church?"

    • Click here for access the Purpose website

  • Candidates attend sessions during the school year covering the above material, or  they may attend Camp Caritas to cover this requirement via a summer camp experience.

  • Candidates select a Saint and confirmation name, and sponsor,  and perform various works of mercy throughout the year.

  • Candidates (and/or their families)  must hand in all necessary forms  to the Faith Formation Office by Spring of 2022

  • In the fall of 8th grade (including students who attended Camp Caritas in summer of 2021)

    • Candidates submit a Saint project  in September

    • Candidates share their Saint Research with the Parish after our Sunday Masses

    • Candidates hand in logs of their Works of Mercy (4)

    • Candidates meet for a review while awaiting their Confirmation Day

    • Candidates complete final Assessment