First Holy Communion 2021 Information

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion Parent Information

Parents Responsibility:

        Reconciliation and 1st Communion will be discussed at the Parent Meeting on November 12th @ 7pm in the Church.  Please wear a mask to the meeting.

        All parents must register and attend the following webinars to help guide your children on their journey in receiving 2 special sacraments this year.  You must register for each webinar. If you cannot attend it live, it will be recorded for you and emailed to you. You may watch at your own convenience.  Each webinar is 30 minutes in length.  You may also register for any other webinar offered if interested.  However, you are only required to attend the webinars that pertain to our child’s sacrament.

a.      Click to register for Webinars

        Please register for the 2 Webinars for First Communion

1.     Monday, October 5th @ 7:30pm (I have a Confession)

2.     Sunday, October 18th @ 7:30 pm (You are what you Eat)

·       Please use St Thomas the Apostle, Glen Mills for your parish insuring that your registration is sent to our office.

• We will need your help in having the children MEMORIZE the following: 

        •  Act of Contrition

        •  Our Father
        •  Glory Be 
        •  Hail Mary

The children will have to say the Act of Contrition when they are in the Confessional for Reconciliation (unlike past years). The other three prayers are used for the Penance that will be given by the priest. 

As you know, this is a very important year, and also, very unique. Your patience and help are greatly appreciated. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call at 610-459-3477.  I can also be reached by email @    I will be happy to give you any guidance or help you might need. 



Schedule for PREP Sessions


• We will meet (in the social hall, so that social distancing can be followed), every other Tuesday at 4:30pm – 5:45pm for TA classes & 6:15pm – 7:30 pm, for TE classes, beginning October 6th.  All children need to bring their own supplies and wear masks.  Supplies include, text book, folder, Pencil & Crayons. 


            Oct. 6th              (Social Hall)\\
                 Oct. 13th                 (Google Meet),
           Oct. 20th             (Confirmation 
                    Oct. 27th                    (Google Meet),

                        Nov. 3rd         (SH)

                        Nov 10th         (SH)

                        Nov 17th         (SH)

                                        Nov. 24th        (Google Meet)

                        Dec.  1st         (SH)

                                                    Dec   8th         (No PREP / Holy Day)

                        Dec. 15th        (SH)

                                                                            Dec.  22nd       No PREP Christmas Holiday Begins

• A weekly lesson will be sent through Google Classroom every Wednesday. The children will complete the recorded lesson during the week at their convenience, and be ready to review during their Google Meet the following Tuesday (at the allotted time) Any questions or concerns about the lesson can be brought to the teacher’s attention during our Google Meet.  The class will review the lesson and have additional discussions, games, bible stories and sharing during our Google Meet.  On the weeks we meet in the social hall, no Google Meet will take place.  The lesson for the week will be done in the Social Hall.


Carmen DiBona

Kate Clark

Anita Field